Elevate Your Outdoor Space for Spring With This Stunning Furniture Collection

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Pedrali outdoor mid-century modern couchAll images courtesy of Pedrali


With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to maximize your outdoor space for the season. And given that most of us have been cooped up inside far more than we’d like over the past year, it feels even more important to cultivate an outdoor area that's peaceful, inviting, and beautiful. 

Fortunately, Patrick Jouin’s collaboration with Italian furniture design company Pedrali makes it easy to do just that. Offering a design-forward spin on traditional outdoor furniture, the collection is at once beautiful and functional. “We need to design to better fit with our outdoors,” Jouin told Designboom when describing the collection. 

Pedrali white outdoor couch

Among the collection’s stand-out modern designs, the Reva Twist three-seater sofa and lounge armchair combine polyurethane chords with die-cast aluminum, resulting in a lightweight, stackable design that can accommodate all manner of outdoor activities and look great doing it.

Pedrali white outdoor chair

“Outdoor furniture needs to be played with,” Jouin said of the design. “The Reva can be moved to be near the swimming pool, to follow the sun, or for storage. Its simple structure means less material and ease of maneuverability. All the materials are also suited for the outdoors. I would not call it an object; it is a design to enable comfortable situations and moments. The cushions can be placed and then removed in three seconds to fit your needs.”

In addition to a sofa and lounge armchair, the Reva line also features a Sun lounger, offering a modern twist on a standard pool chair. The lounger features a thin, aluminum frame and rubber-coated wheels for easy mobility. It also features a water-repellent, UV-resistant cushion composed of breathable, draining polyurethane foam. 

Pedrali white outdoor lounge chair

And because no outdoor session is complete without a refreshing cocktail or three, Jouin also designed beautiful outdoor tables that are as much art pieces as they are ideal surfaces for your favorite warm weather beverage. 

Dubbed Elliot, the tables are, “A very simple product but crafted in the detail. It initially appears minimalistic but then the viewer notices the many legs that stem from its central foot. If you were to reverse its shape, it would be like a tree," Jouin said of the table design. 

Pedrali modern outdoor side tables

The Elliot comes in three different designs, each with different heights to accommodate any outdoor set-up. The style combines sleek, modern design with soft, organic lines, giving the tables a sophisticated yet comfortable and inviting feel. They also feature folding tops, so they can easily be moved around as the sun or your mood changes. And with a variety of different hues to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect table for your space. 

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