Best Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Tour Operators

You won’t find many places that have as much of a connection to modern design as Palm Springs. There is much to see, from iconic celebrity homes to classic commercial buildings. With Palm Springs mid-century modern tour operators, you have some of the best options for enjoying these designs.

These tour operators not only know their way around the city, but they are also knowledgeable about the architecture. Read this post to learn about Palm Springs’s modern tour services.

Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Tour Operators

The Modern Tour

1000 S Palm Canyon Drive – 760-904-0904

The Modern Tour is one of the oldest modern architecture tours in Palm Springs. They have various tour packages that cover some of the most significant homes and neighborhoods in Palm Springs. The tours take about two hours, but the packages do vary. You get to see various famous homes, and the guide is a genuine expert in modern design. The tours are by reservation only, so you will need to book ahead of time.

Palm Springs Mod Squad

1800 E Palm Canyon Drive – 760-469-9265

It is hard to beat the tour options available from the Palm Springs Mod Squad. The Essential Tour is a great place to start. It covers the architects’ work that helped shape modern architecture in Palm Springs. The Interior Tour and Martini & MCM Tour are also incredible. They also offer custom tours for those with a particular interest in specific works.

PS Architecture Tours


PS Architecture Tours offers an in-depth look at Palm Springs’s modernism. The main tour involves a ride in a mini-coach with the tour guide, Trevor O’Donnell. You will see many of the most notable structures in the city. Guests will also learn a lot about the history of the designs. They also offer a bike tour if you are looking for something a little more active.

Modern Tours Palm Springs

Modern Tours Palm Springs is a good option for people who want to tour at their own pace. Rather than being a tour operator, they sell guided self-tours. They have a variety of packages you can purchase for driving and walking tours. The tours have audio guides to provide information and Google Maps integrations to show you around. They have a variety of complete tours and a range of smaller pocket tours.

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