Eichler Home in Castro Valley

Eichler Modern HomePhoto Credits: SFAR/Compass Real Estate

As of May 26, 2023, this home was not available for sale. Click here to see if that has changed.

This gorgeous mid-century modern home is located in Castro Valley California and was designed by A Quincy Jones. The single-level layout includes five bedrooms and two baths with a large great room that surrounds a massive open-air atrium. That atrium is the reason we wanted to highlight this home because it features an automated retractable roof. That's not something we see every day in a mid-century home, and it's a great way to enjoy your atrium year round.

Eichler Atrium with open roofHere's the roof open...

Atrium with closed roof
And here it is closed, ready for year-round enjoyment.

Living room looking to atrium
In true Eichler form, the living room is positioned to make the most of that atrium with floor to ceiling glass.

Eichler home bedroom

Eichler home with gymWhen you have five bedrooms you have more than enough room for a home gym.

Eichler home with poolIn addition to that amazing front atrium this Eichler also features a pool in the back yard.

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