How Do Tesla Roof Tiles Impact Modern Home Builds?

Tesla Solar Tiles

Sustainability is becoming a big part of modern home design. Today’s lover of modern design cares about more than attractive architecture. They want to design a home to limit the environmental impact.

When it comes to sustainable modern design, one of the first things to consider is the energy supply. Consuming less from the grid by relying on solar power is becoming a common feature of modern home builds. 

In the past, this would have required conventional solar panels. While solar panels are effective, they can be challenging to fit in with the clean design of a modern home. Many builders and designers are looking to Tesla roof tiles to address this. 

How Do Tesla Roof Tiles Work?

The solar tiles are what make a Tesla roof special. They look like regular roofing tiles, and they can come in different styles. With tiles that look like traditional roof tiles producing electricity for use in the home, they can be an attractive alternative to solar panels. 

A solar roof will have two types of tiles: active photovoltaic tiles that produce electricity and inactive tiles that don’t contain solar cells. The idea is to put the solar tiles where your roof gets the most sunlight and use the inactive tiles everywhere else to cut costs.

The solar cells in the active tiles generate DC electricity. The system routs the DC electricity to an inverter that converts the DC to AC power while integrating with the home’s power supply.

These roofing systems also have the Tesla Powerwall. The Powerwall is the storage battery that holds excess electricity to save it for later use. For example, the roof tiles will probably produce more power than you use during the day when you are at work. Powerwall’s can save the excess electricity to use it during the evening when you are home.

The Powerwall also monitors and manages energy production and consumption along with storage. They can also facilitate load switching the electricity produced by the tiles in real-time to the storage batteries or the grid if the need arises.

The Impact On Building A Modern Home

How will a Tesla solar roof impact building a new home? It depends. The upfront costs will be higher than with traditional roofing technologies, but the savings on utilities should more than offset the cost over the life of the roof. 

The cost of a specific Tesla roof can be difficult to determine without consulting with the company. Several factors can impact the price. The size of the roof and the number of active tiles to inactive tiles will be some of the more significant determining factors, but there is much more to it than that.

On the practical side of getting the solar roof, Tesla will design the roof for you, and they will work with your builder to ensure everything is ready for installation. They will then schedule a team of their solar energy specialists to install the roof, the inverter, and the Powerwall.

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