How To Design Your Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

A stylish modern kitchen can be the best feature of a home. With that said, people often get off track when designing a kitchen. This post will look at tips to design your modern kitchen.

Design Your Modern Kitchen With These Tips

Food Prep First

 Modern home design is all about putting function first. Food prep has to be the top priority when designing the kitchen space. Think about how you cook and the types of workstations you may need. Do you cook alone, or do you have a partner who is often in the kitchen with you? Consider the flow of how you move from one task to the next. These factors should shape how you lay your kitchen out.

Design With Straight Lines

Design in modern homes starts with straight lines and the kitchen is no exception. Clean, straight lines are fundamental to modern design, so the same should carry over to the kitchen. The horizontal and vertical lines will help maintain the modernist look while simplifying the kitchen’s layout.

Simple Color Palettes

Modern design usually follows simple, monochromatic color palettes. While neutral earth tones would be common in most other rooms, a grayscale kitchen can work well in modern homes. That means lots of blacks, whites, and grays. Stainless steel accents can also give your design a more modern look.

Natural Light

Any kitchen will need sufficient light for cooking and food prep. Incorporating natural light can be an excellent way to make an inviting modern kitchen. A large window or skylight can help introduce more natural light and can also be a way to give the kitchen a closer connection to outdoor spaces.


Your choice of materials can be significant when designing any home. Wood is a popular choice for both cabinets and floors. However, tile can also look great in a modern kitchen. Many will also choose stainless steel as a material for countertops or appliances. Stone countertops can also fit well.

Functional Hardware

Most kitchen designs use the hardware on cabinets and drawers as an opportunity for a decorative flourish. With modern design, you would do the opposite. You want simple hardware that serves its purpose well. Some designers might even look for ways to eliminate the hardware.

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