LA's Hiram Kwan Residence

Hiram Kwan Residence in LA

The Hiram Kwan Residence is a Stunning Architectural Modern LA home complete with infinity pool and lush succulent oasis.  This three story, five bedroom, five bath masterpiece was designed by James Stevens, a protege of John Lautner, and then re-envisioned with an exciting expansion by David Levitt, AIA.

As of June 1 2023 this home is not available for sale. Click here to see if that has changed.

Photo credits:  Zillow / The MLS 

3576 Lowry Staircase
Now that's how you make an entrance! We love how the second stair extends into a bench.

3576 Lowry Kitchen

3576 Lowry LivingOne of the hallmarks of modern design are walls that open to bring in the outdoors. This house does that beautifully. And even offers privacy - an increasingly rare commodity in cities like LA.

3576 Lowry Office
Another favorite modern hallmark is the corner window. Here we see one in the den.

3576 Lowry Living
Yet another wall that opens to the outdoors, this time to a deck.

3576 Lowry Vanity

3576 Lowry Bath

3576 Lowry BedroomWe love how the bedroom extends through the open space to bring the view right to the foot of your bed. We could imagine lying there enjoying that view all day, were it not for this amazing infinity pool waiting in the back yard!

3576 Lowry Pool

We are completely in love with the Hiram Kwan residence.  What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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