Types Of Roofs For Mid-Century Modern Homes

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Roofs For Mid-Century Modern Homes

Mid-century modern homes have an unmistakable style. The roofs are among the most striking features of mid-century modern homes. The roofing for mid-century modern homes can add an artistic touch to the design or make the home stand out. There are a few different styles of roofing common to mid-century home architecture.

This post will look at the types of roofs on these homes.

Flat Roofs

The flat roof is one of the most recognizable elements of modern architecture. The straight line of a flat roof fits perfectly with the straight lines popular with these designs. That is why it is a popular type of roof for modern homes. It is a simple style of roof that works well with low-profile homes.

Shallow Pitch

Designs also commonly use roofs with a shallow pitch. They often meet at a ridge, with each side descending on a shallow slope. It is common to see the two sides coming off at different angles to give the home a distinctive look, a popular choice for ranch homes with a mid-century modern design.


You will find gabled roofs in most styles of home architecture. The simple yet functional design makes sense to see in mid-century modern homes. Some designers may even incorporate the A-frame with other modern roof designs. One advantage of the gabled roof is that it offers additional space for an attic or loft.


The butterfly roof design can give a structure a striking appearance. This roof subverts conventional design ideas by inverting the slopes to angle them inward. It can provide a house with an artistic look with two opposing peaks.

Some designers may use the peaks to add windows high on the structure, which can be ideal for increasing the use of natural light in the home.

Single Slope

A single slope roof is another popular feature of many mid-century modern homes. It is a single plane like a flat roof but has a noticeable slope to one side. The house will have one wall taller than the other that meets the roof at its peak. The roof then slopes down to the shorter side of the structure.

Whatever type of mid-century modern roof appeals to you we can help you find it in our mid-century listings.

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